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Muddy Boots

Muddy Boots wanders where sneakers never will, moving on the back roads through the backwoods and to the forgotten cracks of our imagination. Tune in to hear a patchwork of sound, snippet, and song; field recordings from wherever, the random whimsical, and the rare, and not-so-rare.

Dec 21, 2018

B Side (Ep. 1 | 2019): Welcome to season 3 of the Muddy Boots sound painting extravaganza! The show returns by taking another psychedelic adventure down the rabbit hole of our minds. Host and Producer, Melting Bliss Tenaynay invites you - as always - to tune in, turn on, and shine ever so bright.

*Featuring selections from The Teafaerie's poetic essay Mapping the Source. Check it out (and many more) on her page

**Released on the Winter Solstice, so by some accounts, it's 2019